Training and Education


Professional Motorcycle Training Organizations like ABATE and others are great sources of continued education and knowledge.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has a number of courses from which to choose, like the Beginner Rider Course (BRC and BRC2) to the Advanced Rider Course (ARC).  Go to for more information.

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​​Available Courses & Programs


Rider Education is the backbone of GWRRA and is intended to make the motorcycle environment safer by reducing injuries and fatalities, and increasing motorcyclist skills and awareness.  Through commitment, education and application we can reduce our accident rate significantly.


The levels program underscores the commitment of each rider and co-rider to the principles of safe riding and preparedness.

LEVEL I ~ Safety by Commitment

This is the "Safe Miles" portion of the levels program and represents the commitment of the rider and/or co-rider to practice safe motorcycle operation whenever they operate their motorcycle.

LEVEL II ~ Safety by Education

Referred to as "Tour Rider and Co-Rider" this is the commitment to be safer by taking approved motorcycle riding courses at regular intervals.

LEVEL III ~ Safety by Preparedness

Known as "Certified Tour and Co-Rider" this is the commitment to be prepared in the event of an accident to give and possibly save lives by being knowledgeable in First Aid and/or CPR and carrying a first aid kit on their motorcycle at all times.  In addition, attendance at the Motorist Awareness seminar exposes the member to the program designed to improve awareness of all road users to the presence of motorcycle, trike and sidecar enthusiasts.

LEVEL IV ~  Safety by Enhanced Commitment and Preparedness

The "Master Tour Rider and Co-Rider" is the most prestigious of the levels and represents the highest commitment to safe riding and preparedness.  This is shown by a demonstrated history of safe miles and current certification in both First Aid and CPR.


OCP is offered to all GWRRA members.  While it is no longer required training for GWRRA officers this program provides a rich knowledge base of how GWRRA operates, what it does, how it is done and the reasons why things are done the way they are. This is a very in-depth course, typically offered at the Region Convention and provides every member with an exceptional understanding of GWRRA.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING is offered to all GWRRA members and not just to those who wish to become leaders within the organization.  From the seemingly mundane (How to Remember Names) to conflict management, these classes offer a robust set of skills that can be utilized not only in GWRRA but in our daily life.  This training incorporates the "Horizon Training" program which is recognized across the nation as a top level course for management training.