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This page is dedicated to interesting and fun information, food for thought, etc., that riders can use to increase their safety and pleasure in day to day riding.

Below is a growing list of articles that we have found useful, fun and informative.


Group Rides

Do you ever wonder about the practices we use in our group rides to make them safer?  When to ride in staggered formation (and what that means), and when to ride in single file?  What some commonly-used hand signals mean and what to do if you see one?  Some good reasons and times to ride in single file and how doing so enhances safety?   How we coordinate lane changes?



Hot Tire Pressures

Let us say you've been driving for a couple of hours and notice that your motorcycle's handling seems to be slightly "softer" than usual. On a hunch that it is related to tire pressure, you check your tires and find 43 and 49 PSI for front and rear tires respectively.  The $64,000 question is:  are one or both of them low?  The answer for most people is "I don't know."

Here are a few important questions to consider:

1.  Is "I don't know" the answer that ensures your safety?
2.  Does guessing make it any safer?
3.  Is it safe to set your tire pressures to their cold-tire pressures after they are hot?
4.  On the road, do you have 2 hours to wait to let your tires cool in the shade before checking and set their pressures?

Would you like to know how to check and set your tire pressures when they are hot?



Readiness for a Solo Ride

Ever stop to think about the little things that are important for safety when you are riding alone?  Did you remember everything you're going to need?  Clothing?  Technology?  Tools?  Nutrition?  Hydration?  Fitness?  Mental state?  What ifs?  Want to get a copy of a Senior Master's "master packing checklist" that has evolved over decades of riding experience?

READ MORE.... (pending official copyright permission to use)


Hot-Weather Riding

Have you ever decided not to ride because the temperatures were over 90 °F?  Have you ever come home after a hot ride and required a cold shower and over 2 hours to fully recuperate?  What if I were to tell you that such discomfort isn't necessary, and that hot-weather riding can be a pleasure?  Would you be interested?  While I know there have been a multitude of articles over the years about hot-weather riding and how to manage the heat on a motorcycle (one of the best is published by Iron Button Association), in the spirit of "Good News and Good Tools", I (the webmaster) thought I would share this.  This gentleman gets the point across with actual heat measurements you can see for yourself.  I find it a very instructive video!  (In the interest of full disclosure, I AM a [happy] LDComfort customer,  but no one asked me to post this, and I am not receiving any benefits therefrom—only the satisfaction of sharing what I feel is good information about good tools for motorcyclists when the temperatures start getting over 90 °F.