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Last updated: 11-May-2022.
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From the Directors

Hello one and all!

Lynn and I are looking forward to being your new Chapter G Co-Directors for 2022!  We envision a new year where we can grow our membership and have lots of great memories.  We have always been very grateful to be associated with such a great bunch of people and how you have shared your companionship and knowledge so freely with us.

We wouldn’t have felt remotely able to take on this responsibility without knowing that all of you have so much in the way of knowledge and expertise and we very much look forward to all that you can contribute.  We are big believers in teamwork and know that everybody has good ideas to contribute.  Even if you feel that what you think is not where a discussion is going, please contribute.  Sometimes that can be the most vital input.  What if one lemming decided it wasn’t a good idea to continue to the ocean and spoke up?