Upcoming Events

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  • 1/18: No CO-G Gathering (due to officers meeting)
  • 1/18: District Officer’s Meeting and Horizons training
  • 1/25: Medic First Aid/CPR and Co-Rider, Colorado Springs
  • ​2/2: CO-G RFF: 12 noon, Wholly Stromboli, 410 Denver Ave, Fort Lupton
  • 2/8: Medic First Aid/CPR and Co-Rider, Fay Myers, Greenwood Village
  • 2/15: CO-G Gathering, Johnson's Corner
  • 3/21: CO-G Gathering, Johnson's Corner followed by Medic First Aid/CPR 
  • 6/30: Wing Ding 42, Springfield MO
  • 8/28: 4-Corners Rally, Ignacio CO